Taiwan Biglotto/Lotto649

Lotto649 is a jackpot game. You must select 6 numbers from the 01~49 numbers in the selection area to place a bet. These six numbers are your betting numbers.

When the lottery is drawn, the lottery unit will randomly open six numbers plus a special number(SN), which is the lottery number at this time.

Prize type

Prize type
No. Numbers Prize
1 6 82% total Prize
2 5+SN 6.5% total Prize
3 5 7% total Prize
4 4+SN 4.5% total Prize
5 4 NTD 2,000
6 3+SN NTD 1,000
7 2+SN NTD 400
8 3 NTD 400

First Prize this time

History Prize and Numbers

Open every Tuesday and Friday (GMT +8, 20:00)

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